Setting Up Forex Price Alerts In MetaTrader 4

Alot of times, maybe due to work or school or the kids, traders tend to miss that perfect set-up price, that particular price which they have been aiming for an entry or exit from the market, It might even be a case of wanting to know when the market reaches a certain price because of your trailing stops. Unless in a case where the trader decides to seat with his PC or Mobile 24/5, the trader will surely tend to miss those price which he/she has been waiting for.

The programmers at Metaquotes took these in mind and created “ALERTS” for PC MT4/MT5 and “Push Notification” for Mobile MT4/MT5.


instaforex forex alert

Step 1: Open the MetaTrader 4/5 Terminal window, then click on “Alerts” tab

Log in to MT4/MT5, Press CTRL+T on your keyboard to open the Terminal window located at the bottom of the MT4/MT5  platform, then click on the Alerts tab.

instaforex alert tab2

Step 2: Create Price Alert. 

While at the alert window, right click, then select ” Create”. Once “Create” has been selected, it will open the price alert settings window as displayed above: 

Then select your preferred Instrument, select the condition and insert the price(Value). After which you click Ok. 

instaforex metatrader 4 alert tab

Your Alert has been Set. Once the Instrument’s market price reaches the Alert price you set, it rings out loud to notify you. 

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