Instaforex provides excellent, first-rate forex training tailored to your learning style.

Regardless of your age, class, level of intelligence, learning style, social status and academic history, our tutors at Instaforex are trained to adapt to your learning style and pace. If you don’t understand a lesson or concept, we work with you until you master it. We turn novices into professional traders.

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Instaforex Courses

Instaforex 101

Designed for novice trainees,  It equips traders with survival trading skills and market analysis. It gently guides trainees towards reasonable consistent profits in forex trading. A perfect way to ‘get your feet wet’ in forex.

Instaforex 201

Designed for experienced traders who still make frequent losses. This is designed to identify the trader’s weaknesses and plug any knowledge gap that leads to incessant losses. We work on your mental toughness and teach you the psychology of trading.

Our Most Requested Course: Instaforex 101

Register for Instaforex 101 training course and get $70 bonus added to your live account.

  • This course is built for beginners and traders alike.
  • The cost of the training is ₦20,000. Completion of this course entitles the client to a free $70 bonus from Instaforex.
  • To get the free $70 training fund, simply apply for this course either by attending the course in our office or we hold a webinar with you.
  • After training, the client funds the Instaforex Live Account with $70, Instaforex will add an extra $70 to the account. Which means the Instaforex live account has an account balance of $140.
  • Basically, you pay the sum of ₦20,000 for training, fund your Instaforex with $70 and you get an Extra $70 from Instaforex to trade with. It's that simple.

Trainee reviews

I enrolled for the online course because I school in Akwa-Ibom. The course was suited to fit my schedule due to lectures. The live class really helped me understand the concepts and dynamics of the market. But most importantly, I was assigned a mentor who tutored me especially in trading psychology. I never knew forex trading could be this simplified, I don't use forex Indicators anymore.
Akpan Uko
Accounting Student
Instaforex trainers are life changers. I work in a bank, and I'm always usually very occupied at work. I was an intermediate trader but I applied for the one-on-one training course during my annual leave. The trainers taught me a trading system which adapts to my busy schedule. I use the income from Forex trading to supplement my work salary. Forex trading is a life-changer.
Ademola Adebayo
Due to the lack of employment opportunities, I took the big step in improving my trading, by applying for Instaforex training. My training took a week, but mentoring was two months. The mentoring helped improve my trading. I now average 600 green pips monthly with good risk management. I highly recommend Instaforex courses to anyone - seasoned trader or beginner.
Uzoka John