Copy Trades of Consistently
rofitable Forex Traders

Instaforex Forexcopy allows you access to copy trades from successful traders with the best strategies from all over the world. Choose a trader, subscribe and earn from every profitable trade. It's very Important to understand the strategy employed by the trader you wish to copy.

Choose from a wide array of traders to copy or contact us for suggestions on who to follow.

Search for a profitable trader with the trading strategy which you would like to copy. 

Select the trader whose trading strategy suits you and your start up capital.

Set up Copy Ratio, Amount of Trades to copy, Instruments to copy and Click Subscribe to follow the Trader’s trades.

Make profit and pay Trader commission. 

Full Account Control

The account is fully under your control. Not a case of having to transfer the funds into a separate trader's account.

Performance Fee

At the end of a trading circle. profits are shared according to the stipulated percentage during subscription.

Fully Automated Trader

As an Investor, you don't need to make any input or effort. The system automatically

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