Register for Instaforex Beginner's training course and get $70 bonus added to your live account.

This course is built for beginners and traders alike.
The cost of the training is ₦20,000. Completion of this course entitles the client to a free $70 bonus from Instaforex and a practical mentor.
The Importance of a mentor to a beginner in forex trading can't be over-emphasized
. To get the free $70 training fund, simply apply for this course either by attending the course in our office or we hold a webinar with you.
After training, the client funds the Instaforex Live Account with $70, Instaforex will add an extra $70 to the account.
Which means the Instaforex live account has an account balance of $140.
The Training comes in two forms; The one on one training or a webinar. Either is effective

Basically, you pay the sum of ₦20,000 for training, fund your Instaforex with $70 and you get an Extra $70 from Instaforex to trade with. It's that simply.

Content Of The Course:

Lecture № 1 Introduction to The Forex Market.
Lecture № 2 Operations With InstaTrader Platform On The Basis Of MetaTrader 4(How To Use Metatrader 4).
Lecture № 3 Types of trends, types of charts and formation rules. Bull and bear speculations.
Lecture № 4 Types of exchange arrangements, rate of exchange
Lecture № 5 Margin trading at Forex market.
Lecture № 6.1 Technique of the deals’ execution.
Lecture № 6.2 Technique of the deals’ execution.
Lection № 7 Introduction To The Technical Analysis, Dow Theory.
Lection № 8 Trend analysis.
Lection № 9.1 Graphical patterns analysis.
Lection № 9.2 Graphical patterns analysis.
Lection № 10 Candlesticks Analysis.
Lection № 13 Trading Naked Chart.
Lection № 11 Wave Analysis. Elliott Wave Principle.
Lection № 12 Mathematical analysis.
Lection № 13 Fundamental analysis of foreign exchange market.
Lection № 14 Trading systems.
Lection № 15 Risk management.
Lection № 16 Trading psychology.

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